Lincolnshire dresses up its roads in a big way

Lincolnshire County Council is increasing the amount of surface dressing on its road network this year.

Now underway, LCC Highways is actioning £5 million worth of surface dressing for Lincolnshire that will run through to the end of July at over 150 sites.

In total, there’s 137 miles of Lincs roads getting the treatment– that’s enough to cover a road running from Lincoln to Liverpool. 

21,000 tonnes of material are going to be put down to extend the life of the roads in a much more resilient way than simple pothole patching.

This means that 12,000 tonnes of that original 21 will be recycled aggregate.

Cllr Richard Davies, Executive member for Highways is a big fan of surface dressing and says that the summer season will be a boost for many: “It’s one of the real hero methods for getting more life out of a road with a fraction of the cost of having to dig a road up and rebuild it.

“And because of that, we get to get more return for our money. It’s so cost-effective that surface dressing in this way comes in at just 1/10th what we’d spend on alternative materials to achieve a similar result. 

“It’s much quicker to lay, too.”

A staggering 30,000 square metres can be laid in just one day (that’s around two-and-a-half time as big as Trafalgar Square).

“With the programme we have planned across the summer we will get roads that are better to drive on, last longer and are easier to maintain. The surface dressing will also help to prevent or reduce pothole proliferation and it seals the surface from water, which makes the whole road more resilient. 

“So surface dressing is a vitally important part of how we are working on maintaining the roads network in as financially efficient a way as possible. And the scale on which we are putting these measures into practice over the summer will give Lincolnshire a big boost ahead of next winter.”

Mike Kiely, Director at Kiely Bros added: “We are really proud of the work that we do for the taxpayers of Lincolnshire.

“It is a really complex contract that requires a great deal of collaboration between the client, their partner – Balfour Beatty Living Places – and ourselves to ensure that the season is optimised. Thanks to this collaborative working group we are able to deliver the scope and scale of works that the Councillor refers to”.

(Picture – Kiely Bros)


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