London travelcards could be scrapped to increase TfL revenues

Commuters and daytrippers into London face paying higher fares to travel around the capital, as London Mayor Sadiq Khan considers scrapping the day travelcard.

The card means people pay one fare to take a train and then have unlimited travel on tubes and buses for a fare less than the combined cost of buying a return train ticket and then public transport when they arrive.

If the Mayor goes with the idea, it’d mean more money going straight to Transport for London rather than being shared with the train companies.

The Telegraph says this means paying significantly more. It uses an example that a single peak ticket from Farnham in Surrey to London which includes a travelcard for zones 1-6 costs £25.30, but if the day travelcard were scrapped, commuters would have to pay £19.70 for a ticket into London, plus the pay-as-you-go costs of travelling through zones 1-6 which is £14.90, meaning travellers would pay an extra £9.30 per day under the changes.

Those who are affected cannot vote against the decision because they live outside London and do not take part in Mayoral elections.

(Picture – Highways News)


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