M20 Operation Brock contraflow deactivated

The 13-mile Operation Brock contraflow on the M20 between junctions 8 (for Maidstone) and 9 (at Ashford) has been removed.

The road restrictions were put in in March to deal with any traffic disruption after problems with cross-channel ferry capacity. Now the Kent Resilience Forum has judged this period of potential disruption has now eased, and feels it is now the right time to deactivate the contraflow. 

The contraflow was removed overnight, with the coastbound M20 re-opened to two lanes at 50mph today (Monday 6 June). The London bound M20 will also continue to operate with two lanes at a 50mph speed limit. The moveable barrier will remain in place to allow contractors to resume the improvement works that were in place prior to the contraflow being needed, with lane three closed on the coastbound to protect the workforce carrying out the work in the central reservation.  

Nicola Bell, National Highways regional director said, “Recently, the roads in Kent have been very busy for a number of reasons, and the decision to deploy Operation Brock and the coastbound contraflow was the right one. We are grateful for peoples’ patience whilst Operation Brock was deployed; it has enabled us to keep Kent moving. The contraflow barrier will remain on the London bound M20 ready for use in case it is needed again in the coming weeks.” 

(Picture – National Highways)


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