Major improvements made to paths across Worcestershire

More than 13 miles of footpaths have been resurfaced so far this year as part of the County Council’s Footway Reconstruction Programme.

A total of 80 schemes have been completed during this year’s programme, alongside more than nine miles of works to cut back overgrowth and reinstate footpaths to ensure improved access for all users.

Jon Fraser, from Worcestershire County Council Highways Team, said: “Our teams work year round, to ensure that we’re keeping paths across the county in the best condition possible. This is hugely important work, as we want to provide good conditions for people to walk, cycle and wheel in our city and town centres, as well as in rural locations.” 

County Council Highways Inspectors monitor the condition of paths, as they do with roads, to highlight any works required. Paths are also regularly surveyed by the Asset Data Team, then logged and ranked by risk, usage, condition, and road classification. 

Other factors are also considered, such as the proximity to schools, public transport, shops, places of worship and residential homes. All of this is then taken into consideration when deciding which paths will be improved as part of the wider reconstruction programme.


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