Messagemaker launches new vehicle activated warning sign range

LED traffic solutions company Messagemaker Displays has launched its new range of Vehicle Activated Warning signs.

With a Standard, Reflective and Matrix model included – all options offer a low maintenance and flexible solution for any collision prevention or traffic calming scenario.

The IP65 rated VAW range signs are simple to install and can be powered via battery, solar or mains for ultimate flexibility. They are also compatible with intermittent power systems, such as those found in timed lampposts, allowing them to activate only during periods of reduced visibility or dimming in order to react to changing lighting conditions. This makes the signs more efficient and reduces their energy consumption.

In terms of design, the range conforms with the EN12966 standard for visual display messaging signage and have a 100m viewing distance.

All signs in the VAW range are equipped with an integrated detection radar that can be set to react to pre-configured trigger speeds. This can be combined with data capture software, allowing users to record the speed, date and time of passing motorists, generating data that can be used to help inform further traffic calming measures.

The Standard VAW sign includes four amber flashing beacons, a large ‘SLOW DOWN’ message in white LEDs and space for a reflective TSRGD compliant sign, which can be changed depending on the requirement.

The Reflective VAW model forgoes the white LED message for a bold reflective TSRGD hazard sign and warning message, combined with the amber flashing beacons. This model is designed to warn motorists of a consistent and specific upcoming hazard and is available in either black aluminium or reflective yellow to increase its visibility.

Finally, the Matrix VAW offers the white LED ‘SLOW DOWN’ message beneath a full LED display, which can be preloaded with various TSRGD safety symbols ensuring it has the versatility to be used anywhere for any hazard. It also has the four amber flashing beacons as standard.

(Picture – Messagemaker)


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