Michigan aiming to be America’s first state with in-road wireless EV charging

The Governor of the American state of Michigan has announced that the state would be the first roll out wireless electric vehicle charging built into roadways.

Autoevolution.com reports Gretchen Whitmer is seeking partners to help develop and install such technology.

However the report says Michigan is facing competition when it comes to the plan as the Indiana Department of Transportation has already announced such as initiative, and that it’s already working with Purdue University and German firm Magment on exactly that sort of system.

It says Magment’s technology makes use of a concrete medium that features magnetic particles embedded in the slurry to wirelessly transmit energy to EVs – and it does it while the vehicles are on the move. Magment says its optimised magnetics design can be fully integrated into industrial floors during construction, offers continuous and consistent power transfer, does not require overlapping or double coils, and is suitable for static and dynamic charging systems.

In the UK, TRL has previously been working on dynamic wireless charging in-road, and is currently working on trials of conductive EV charging.

(Picture – TRL)


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