Average speed cameras considered in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire and York’s first Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is considering introducing average speed cameras in the county with a view to cutting the number of speeding drivers.

The radio station Yorkmix.com reports that Philip Allot has concerns over the current policy of shunning fixed cameras in favour of 12 mobile camera vans, which were introduced ten years ago.

His views have been backed by North Yorkshire County Council’s executive member for highways Councillor Don Mackenzie who said he would support average speed cameras as they would be more effective in making drivers comply with the limit, adding that the technology is suitable for any road and any limit.

Coun Mackenzie told the radio station, “I think it is a better idea than fixed speed cameras because when people get to know where they are they simply slow down near the camera and speed up afterwards. They are not a particularly good deterrent for people who know the area.

“Clearly this is something for the North Yorkshire Police to decide to do and I’m sure if they do decide to introduce a regime of average speed cameras they will come to us and ask for our views. I  am a supporter of anything that deters speeding.”

(Picture – Jenoptik)


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