Micro-asphalt brings big benefits to local roads in Lincolnshire

Over 50 residential roads will benefit from £500,000 of micro-asphalt surface treatment works in April.

Residential roads across the county are getting a super-efficient and effective surface dressing designed specifically for suburban areas.  

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “Micro-asphalt surface treatment is a preventative measure that seals in the existing road surface. This improves the road texture, skid-resistance and helps water evaporate more easily, reducing the likelihood of potholes forming.  

“It’s a quick, clean process that greatly improves a road surface with minimal disruption.  

“Each job typically only takes a few hours and, once settled, provides a durable surface that can prolong the life of a road by up to ten years.” 

This type of treatment is designed for use in residential areas where there is slower moving traffic because it is more resistant to the forces put through the road surface when a vehicle turns into a driveway or around a tight corner.  


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