Micro-asphalt plans for resident roads in Lincolnshire

Seventy-seven roads in Lincolnshire are getting a share of a £700,000 surface dressing roads scheme that starts this month.

Selected residential roads across Lincolnshire are getting a special road surfacing treatment designed specifically for suburban areas.

Micro-asphalt is a surface treatment that is a preventative measure used to seal the existing road surface, improve the texture, improve skid resistance and help water evaporate. 

This type of surface treatment can prolong the life of a road by up to 10 years. The micro-part of the micro-asphalting means using smaller-sized material than would happen on rural road resurfacing. 

These smaller stones and micro-materials are mostly used in residential areas where there’s slower moving traffic because it’s more resistant to the forces put through the road surface when a vehicle turns into a driveway or around a tight corner.

The work involves applying a base and top layer of slurry to the existing road surface. The treatment acts as liquid when first applied but this dries within 30 minutes and is then ready for traffic. It’s a quick, clean process that greatly improves a road surface with each job taking between 2 and 4 hours to complete.

Planned to begin on September 18, the schedule sees gangs laying the material for the next six weeks, subject to weather. 

The work will happen between 07.00 and 18.00, seven days a week.


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