More than £10million for repair to Rotherham’s roads and footpaths over the coming financial year

Rotherham Council has listed 193 roads for repair, covering a distance of 34 miles-an area of 360,000sqm.

As part of the project, 34 new crossings will be installed across the borough, and £800,000 has been set aside for footpath resurfacing in Wales, Thurcroft, Woodsetts and Maltby.

During a cabinet meeting, this week Councillor Chris Read, council leader, said: “In my first election campaign, it was the thing I got my ear bent more than anything else, was the condition of the roads in my ward at that ime, and actually we heard the voices of people across the borough talking about their concerns.

More than £10m has been earmarked to repair Rotherham’s roads and footpaths over the coming financial year, reports the Worksop Guardian.

“Not only because of people’s worries about the suspension of their tyres, but because it says something about investing in communities – if what people see outside their door every day is a road that’s worn out, and no-one’s done it in decades – that does imply that no-one’s really bothered.

“There’s plenty more to do, I’m sure our inboxes will be filled with people who’ve not yet seen the benefit of that money, and there’s more work to be undertaken and more money to come through the system.”

Coun Dominic Beck, cabinet member for transport and environment added: “This is the third year of our four year programme – £24 million to 2024 road improvement programme, which builds on the successes of prior years, of the council investing a significant amount of our own money from our own capital programme, to improve the condition of the road network.

“The road network is by far the biggest asset that the council owns and maintains.

“The number of pothole repairs that have been carried out have more than halved in the last six years, the claims that we have from motorists are significantly down – eight years ago we had nearly 300, last year we had 78.

“In terms of successful claims made against the council last year we paid out just £80 … compared to £140,000 eight years ago.”

A report to cabinet states: “Roads with a high number of potholes are considered in the works prioritisation process, for inclusion in the Indicative Highway Works Programme for resurfacing and, as a consequence, the number of potholes requiring repair has reduced significantly.

“Between 2011 and 2015 the council received a monthly average of 30 claims for alleged damage to vehicles and personal injury claims.

“The improvement to the highway network has now seen a substantial reduction to 15 claims per month in 2021.

“In 2015/2016 the council paid £636,534 in claims relating to highway defects, however this has reduced over time and, in 2020/2021 the council paid out only £11,565.”


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