National Highways suspends roadworks after abuse

National Highways has suspended barrier replacement work on the A1 in Bedfordshire because of “repeated abuse and threatening behaviour” to its workforce.

On its project web page it states:

“Safety is our top priority, both for road users and our workforce. We cannot continue working until we are confident that our workforce is safe and no longer face threats. We had seven instances in one week of road users dangerously trespassing into our closed work area, meaning we have now had to suspend work. 

As the safety barrier we are replacing is incomplete, the reduced speed limit will remain in place until the work is finished. We are very close to completing this work, with only a few more weeks of overnight road closures needed.  

We hope to return to complete this work next month, subject to us finding a safer way for our workers to return to site. 

Thank you for patience.”

The project involves replacing the safety barrier and drainage, resurfacing and refreshing the road markings on the A1 from the Black Cat roundabout (pictured) to Biggleswade.

(Picture – National Highways)


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