TfN hails sub-national transport bodies’ role in shaping England’s Strategic Road Network

Responding to the Transport Committee report on the Department for Transport’s strategic road investment portfolios, Lord McLoughlin, Chair of Transport for the North as reacted by saying:

“We welcome this report from the Transport Committee and especially its recognition of the key role that Transport for the North and other Sub-national transport bodies (STBs) should play in transport planning and investing in our road network.

“Investment in our existing strategic road network is vital to make our journeys safe and reliable. Transport for the North gave evidence to the Committee and called for a whole network approach, so that investment decisions aren’t taken in isolation, and better consider wider economic, social and environmental benefits. That approach is more likely to place the travelling public and businesses at the centre of transport planning, making sure that public funds are delivering the best results for our people and places.

“Ensuring that National Highways works closely with Transport for the North and other STBs to develop and deliver their plans means this joined-up thinking will be embedded in the system in the future. Transport for the North is keen to work with the Department for Transport as it considers the Committee’s report and adopt its findings.”

In the report, MPs argue that National Highways’ licence should include a formalised engagement process with sub-national transport bodies to convey regional priorities better. They also recommend the simplification of reporting on the delivery of RIS portfolios to ensure effective scrutiny of delivery progress.

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