New AI technology could help stop the scourge of potholes

On National Pothole Day the Kiely Group explain how local authorities could adopt innovative AI solutions to solve the problem of potholes once and for all.

Today, Monday 15th January, is National Pothole Day, marking the continuing and escalating problem of potholes for all road users. Poor road surfaces are a danger and burden to drivers and cyclists alike, and frustration is increasing over the deteriorating state of the UK’s roads.

The Kiely Group, who deliver road surface dressing and maintenance services across the UK, have found an innovative solution that would reduce the number of potholes and the costs to repair them.

By adopting the latest AI camera tool, 3DAI City, the company can now monitor road surfaces in real time and deploy quickly to stop potholes from forming. The intelligent technology can analyse road surfaces, create a plan for repairs to existing potholes and predict in advance where potential potholes could form.

This gives the Kiely Group the opportunity to repair existing potholes at the same time as preventing new ones, all without needing costly and inconvenient road closures.

Commenting on their new AI tool, Mike Kiely, Managing Director of Kiely Bros, said: “Potholes are a bane for many people attempting to make simple everyday journeys. We know that preventative surface dressing is a cheaper and more effective way to repair and prevent potholes, but now we have the technology to support us to deliver effective interventions quickly.

“With the help of AI, we can deliver timely and preventative works to avoid potholes and help all road users have smoother, safer and more enjoyable journeys. By delivering a solution to prevent potholes we can also help local authorities save costs in the long run”.

The Kiely Group have also invested in another solution which has the potential to revolutionise pothole repairs. Their new Multipatcher machine can fix a pothole in just three minutes, rather than the industry standard of 25 minutes, and costs less than half the price to run. The machine also carries out surface dressing works to extend the lifespan of the whole road.

Combined together the AI tool, preventative surface dressing or, as a last resort, the Multipatcher machine, have the potential to help stop potholes in their tracks..


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