New cycleway in Peterborough City Council will encourage active travel

Members of Peterborough City Council’s cabinet today authorised a works order of up to £2million for Milestone Infrastructure Ltd to build the cycleway along Thorpe Wood and a section of Thorpe Road.

The move comes after the council received around £3 million from the government’s Active Travel England scheme, as part of a joint bid with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA).

Construction of the cycleway is due to start in April 2024 with the project aimed at improving access into Ferry Meadows, Thorpe Wood business park and the police station. It will also enhance the current walking and cycling links between Longthorpe and Bretton.

Councillor Gavin Elsey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Climate Change, said: “We are fully committed to developing active transport schemes across the city, which will play a key role in the council’s work to become a net-zero carbon city.

“The Thorpe Wood cycleway scheme will provide an improved active travel route enabling a viable alternative to the car. It will have a positive effect on people’s health and wellbeing, encouraging residents and those working in the area to walk or cycle.

“The route will connect to the existing walking and cycling routes as well as the new footbridge over the A1260 Nene Parkway and there is a possibility that it will be further extended if funding is available.”

An initial public consultation on the cycleway took place in 2020 and a further public consultation with key stakeholders and the public will commence shortly. This will provide details of the work that has been undertaken to minimise impacts on the ancient woodland on Thorpe Wood.

The main section of the cycleway will be bi-directional and kerb-segregated from the road and footpath, with some sections being shared use.

The scheme will also include shared use zebra crossings that can be used by pedestrians and cyclists. The speed limit on Thorpe Wood will be reduced to 30 mph, covering the section of road where the cycleway will be installed.


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