New roads and other infrastructure to be built in Buckinghamshire to support new homes

Buckinghamshire County Council is set to agree a deal worth £172 million to build roads, schools and other infrastructure to support 10,000 new homes that are due to be built in Aylesbury. 

Speaking at a meeting of the Buckinghamshire Council’s cabinet, Leader Martin Tett said: “This is to provide essential infrastructure to enable the delivery of housing. We were awarded £172 million to deliver something in excess of 10,000 houses predominantly in Aylesbury, but this also has implications for other parts of the county.

“This paper is effectively seeking agreement that we sign a contract with Homes England as the agency acting on behalf of the government to secure legal release of this money. It’s a really big achievement to have gained this money from government. It’s really important because it will help us deliver many of the link roads around Aylesbury.

“Anybody who crawls into Aylesbury every day will know they are desperately needed.”

The deal will see the council partner up with Homes England to enable the building of 10,000 homes, roads and schools stretching to 2035. These homes will be some of the 16,000 set to be built in Aylesbury over the next 13 years as part of the Garden Town project.

A timetable included in the contract would see an infrastructure programme delivered by 2024 to enable the building of 1,046 homes by March of that year.

Joan Hancox, transport strategy chief at Buckinghamshire Council, said: “This really is to address what residents have frequently told us, is that they wish to see infrastructure provision in advance of housing coming forward and that’s what this fund enables us to do.”


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