New “speed camera” app launched

A new app has been developed that enables any member of the public with a smartphone to gather video evidence of speeding for submission to police for processing and enforcement.

Traditionally, enforcement of “speeding” offences could only use “prescribed devices” that rely on laser or radar technology with sophisticated requirements for both calibration and use.

The developers of “Speedcam Anywhere” say it is an AI system that can accurately and verifiably measure vehicle speeds using a mobile phone camera. The app on the phone takes a short video clip of a passing vehicle which is uploaded to the AI server. The server can measure the vehicle speed from the video, check vehicle speeds against speed limits, and provide a report showing evidence of the vehicle speed. It also generates road safety reports and identify speeding hotspots.

The app essentially gathers video evidence and does not in itself determine the speed of the vehicle.  It is the analysis report which shows the location, speed limit, time and details together with photos of the vehicle, including registration plate, as it passes with key times together with the speed. The video snip is also available as primary evidence, together with a witness statement for signing.

Speedcam Anywhere does not issue speeding tickets or fines like a conventional speed camera and has not been approved in the UK to be used as one. Speedcam Anywhere is the same as a dashcam, that can be used to gather evidence of motoring offences. As with a dashcam, any prosecution would always have to be done by the Police, and at the discretion of the local Police force. At the moment the evidence is passed by users, and not the app’s owners.

The campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us volunteers are piloting the use of the app before general release.

(Picture – 20s Plenty for Us)


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