North Yorkshire Council starts the search for contractors to join its highways surfacing and planing framework

North Yorkshire Council has started its search for suppliers for its £300 million highways surfacing and planing framework.

The carriageway planing and surfacing framework 2024 aims to deliver a range of work packages on the highways, including but not limited to recycling, patching, overlays, reconstruction and resurfacing on behalf of North Yorkshire Council’s highways firm, NY Highways Limited (NYH) as well as other local authorities.

The framework is due to last four years and up to 10 suppliers are expected to be given slots on each of the individual lots within the framework, reports New Civil Engineer.

Lot 1 covers works planing and surfacing works valued up to £500,000, Lot 2 covers planing and surfacing works works between £500,000 to £2M and Lot 3 from covers planing and surfacing works from £2M to £6M.

Lot 4 covers recycling, which shall consist of predominantly in situ works or occasionally ex situ works and could be delivered anywhere, urban or rural, within the highway operational areas of NYH or other named Contracting Authorities. These works could also include other related activities such as kerbing or minor drainage and ironworks. Additionally, schemes or packages of work for Recycling works may require a contractor to design some or all of these works. The deadline for requests to participate is 19 January.

Alongside North Yorkshire Council, other local authorities which are expected to join the framework include the Borough of Calderdale York, Leeds City Council, Wakefield Council, Kirklees Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


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