PCC calls for speed cameras in village

For years many in the mainstream media has made out they’re hated technology, but there’s continuing evidence the tide is turning on the public’s view of speed cameras.

The latest place where there’s a call for fixed cameras to be introduced to clamp down on speeding drivers is in the village of Cowling in North Yorkshire, where the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner wants another look at putting fixed cameras there.

Local paper the Craven Herald and Pioneer reports that PCC Julia Mulligan says she had a lot of sympathy with places like Cowling that were blighted by high levels of speeding traffic, and she is pressing road safety partnership 95 Alive to re-visit the policy on the use of fixed speed cameras in North Yorkshire.

The report says villagers complain there have been many serious accidents and near misses, despite the 30 mph speed limit, with motorists driving recklessly and too fast for the road conditions, overtaking on double white lines at the entrance to the village, and without any thought for pedestrians and other road users.

Last year, in response to residents’ concerns, police said they were deploying safety camera vans in the village and patrolling more often but villagers want ANPR average speed cameras introduced. They have written saying, “As it stands now, the balance between residents and motorists is weighted to the motorist and our village life is negatively impacted by speeding, dangerous driving, inappropriate road limits and even racing at night.”

(Picture – Neology)


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