Revealed: The speed camera and red light camera capitals of the world

Traffic enforcement cameras, such as speed cameras and cameras that detect drivers running a red light, are useful tools that can detect dangerous driving or traffic offences. Many people, especially while driving in an unfamiliar location, will have been surprised and annoyed to find themselves caught on camera for an innocent mistake – and maybe even receiving an automatic fine. However, a Cochrane review, which gathered together data from studies around the world, found that speed cameras reduce the number of crashes that cause fatal and serious injuries by 11% to 44%. It’s clear that these devices perform a valuable role in keeping all road users safe. have investigated which countries have the highest number of cameras to monitor the roads, including the number of red light cameras in addition to speed cameras, ranking the top 20 countries based on the total figure. The full top 20 is behind the link above but Highways News have listed the top five with additional statistics pertaining to cameras per capita.

(Figure relates to total number of red light & speed cameras)

1 Brazil: 15,380 (1 in 14,150 per capita)

2 Italy: 10,425 (1 in 5659 per capita)

3 USA: 7975 (1 in 42,864 per capita)

4 UK: 4815 (1 in 14,067 per capita)

5 Germany: 4277 (1 in 19,803 per capita)


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