Police urged to adopt “flexible” approach to speed cameras

Police forces and safer roads partnerships are being urged to adopt a new speed camera enforcement strategy in a bid to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the country’s roads.

Not-for-profit advisory company Road Safety Support has a released a report, ‘Enforcement Strategy – Raising the Game,’ which calls for forces to leave traditional camera enforcement behind and introduce a new wide-area, more flexible approach to speed camera operation, thereby increasing the threat of detection for motorists.

It says latest Department for Transport casualty data shows that there were 1,752 UK road deaths in 2019, which is similar to the levels reported since 2012.

Road Safety Support says ‘Raising the Game’ recommends “an urgent step change” in order to increase the perception of speed camera detection, to jolt motorists into driving more carefully on all roads – not just those where they expect to see a camera.

It calls for mobile speed camera vans, which are highly visible and can be utilised over a wider area, to be used to support traditional roads policing efforts, the report states. “Mobile cameras can detect offences over a greater range and can be moved around frequently, delivering far greater general deterrence to the motoring public,” it says.

Det Chief Supt Andy Cox, of Lincolnshire Police, who is the national lead for fatal collision investigation backed the report saying, “Speeding remains the biggest risk to road safety and should be the number one focus and priority for traffic enforcement. I would urge all forces to download this report, if they haven’t already done so, and follow the recommendations in it in relation to enforcement and communications.

“I urge people to drive within the speed limit, stay safe and keep a clean licence. I thank the majority of lawful road users who are doing so.

‘Raising the Game’ was written by Road Safety Support’s enforcement experts, who have worked in speed camera operation in the UK since the 1990s.


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