Re-flow Joins Forces with Greener Highways for a Blooming Collaboration with Brampford School 

Re-flow, the award-winning provider of field management software for multiple industries including construction, highways, rail and landscaping, is proud to continue their exciting partnership with Greener Highways and have participated in their fantastic ‘Greener Schools’ campaign.

Together, Re-flow have chosen to nominate and support Exeter’s very own Brampford Speke Primary School by donating seeds and bug hotels. Their aim is to encourage the young minds at Brampford to nurture plant life and flowers, study the fascinating world of insects and, most importantly, highlight the importance of environmental sustainability. 

Re-flow’s contribution of seeds is now fully grown and on proud display at Brampford Speke Primary School, having been expertly cared for by its students.

This collaboration perfectly aligns with Re-flow’s ongoing commitment to giving back to the local community and supporting the region surrounding Exeter, where the team has been headquartered since the company’s establishment. 

Brampford forwarded Re-flow a letter expressing their gratitude and excitement around the initiative. 

“Thank you so much from the children and teachers at Brampford Speke Primary School for the wonderful plant pack you sent us. 

Seeing the excitement on the faces of the little ones in Class 1 as they took charge of the planting was truly heartwarming. They enthusiastically used forks and spades to dig and sow the seeds, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved. 

We’re delighted to report that our bean plants have been a success! We planted them in our big tractor tyres in the playground, and they have shot up, towering over the children themselves. It’s quite the sight! 

Moreover, the bug hotel you provided has been a major hit with all of us. It has become a buzzing hub of activity, as curious insects come from all around to investigate and call it their temporary home. 

Once again, thank you, Re-flow, for making this initiative possible. Your support has had a lasting impact on our young learners and has added a touch of natural beauty to our school environment.”

This initiative is one of the first among Re-flow’s many plans to give back to not only their local community, but also the communities surrounding the industries they operate in – construction, highways, civil engineering, landscaping and more.

Contributed seeds have now sprouted into beautiful bean plants that tower over the students, adding even more nature and greenery to the school grounds.

For example, last year, Re-flow’s CEO and Founder, Michael Saunders, undertook a phenomenal month-long challenge, running 400 miles for PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention within their industries.

With plans for more initiatives in the future, you can follow Re-flow’s journey on their website, or by following them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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