Road which was closed to cars after a landslip left it damaged and warped can’t be fixed properly

A road left so badly damaged by a landslip it was closed to cars still cannot be fixed properly – because the ground has not stopped moving a year later.

The section of the B4069 in Wiltshire looks like it was hit by an earthquake, with some sections appearing as if they have been completely snapped at a 45 degree angle.

It has been closed since last February when it was destroyed after the ground shifted following a storm – and the only people who have used it since have been skateboarders.

But after having their fun using the warped tarmac as ramps, even they have now deserted the road.

Over a year on from the landslide Wiltshire Council have given a bleak update to residents on the progress of the road.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, cabinet member for transport at Wiltshire Council said it is difficult to fix – as it’s still moving.

She said: ‘Solving this huge problem and rebuilding the road is a major undertaking of significant scale, and it is presenting several engineering challenges.

‘In particular, because the ground has continued to move, it has been difficult to get both people and machinery to work on the site safely.’

The distorted road was at one point being used by skateboarders, who used the ‘infamous and ripped up’ road as a makeshift skatepark, reports the Daily Mail.

But now the road has been left completely deserted.

Wiltshire council will be hosting a webinar at 6pm on April 24 to discuss the future of the road.

Last year the earthquake-like damage was attributed to unexplained underground movements, which appear to have continued moving since.

Shortly after the road was destroyed in 2022, local residents claimed the subsidence has been getting worse over the last year and a landslip was inevitable.

Wiltshire Council said at the time they couldn’t bring any heavy machinery onto the site because it is too dangerous – a scenario which appears unchanged a year on.

Speaking last year, Dr Mark McClelland, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for transport, said: ‘The B4069 at Lyneham Banks is extremely dangerous, and people should not try to access it either in a vehicle or on foot.

‘The land is still slipping, and anyone who accesses the site on foot could easily trip on the uneven ground or get caught in a more serious landslide.

‘Anyone who accesses the site is also in breach of the traffic order and could be prosecuted.’


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