Scotland considers European-style mobility hubs

A new paper from the Scottish Government is putting forward an idea to build mobility hubs to help people travel using different public transport modes.

In a document “creating smart and sustainable towns and villages”, it defines a mobility hub as, “A recognisable place with an offer of different and connected transport modes supplemented with enhanced facilities and information features to both attract and benefit the traveller” and sets out ideas for implementation.

”It is recommended that best practice guidance and an appraisal framework for mobility hubs in Scotland is developed in collaboration with stakeholders, building on work developed elsewhere, to facilitate the creation of high quality mobility hubs across Scotland which would produce outcomes aligned with the sustainable travel and investment hierarchies and National Transport Strategy outcomes,” the report states.

It suggests looking to the continent for ideas adding, “The best practice guidance could build on available international best practice tailoring it to the Scottish geography and policy context,” and that designers must consider “accessibility, safety, furniture, weather protection, information, services, placemaking, car interface, bike interface, and enhanced
operations,” and points to guidance by the shared transport charity
Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK).

Read the report here.

(Picture – from the report courtesy of CoMoUK)


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