Scottish Council looks to more than double EV charging tariff

The Highland Council is proposing to increase the cost of charging at one of the rapid EV charge points in its area from 30p to 70p per kilowatt hour.

Its Economy and Infrastructure Committee considers a report today (2 February) proposing that the rate goes up in order to “enable a sustainable model for the full recovery of costs associated with the operation and upkeep of the network”.

It proposes to raise the cost of slower chargers from 20p to 35p per kilowatt hour.

Although the report admits there may be an effect on people’s ability to charge their vehicles, it notes charging an electric vehicle will still be cheaper than a petrol or diesel equivalent.

“Providing electricity to EV users at the current Council-subsidised rate represents a budget pressure for the Council; the adjustment of the usage tariff as recommended will mitigate this pressure,” the report reads, adding, “Increasing the tariff supports the Climate Change and Energy Team vision by using insights, experience, reasoned arguments and evidence to inform policy development for both climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

(Picture – Yay Images)


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