Solar Gates UK Operations Director, Christopher Long, invited by HS2 to meet new conservative candidate for Weald of Kent, Katie Lam

Solar Gates UK, leaders in solar powered site security, are privileged to announce that Operations Director, Christopher Long, has been invited by High-Speed Two (HS2) to meet with the recently appointed Conservative candidate for the newly created seat of Weald of Kent. The meeting aims to foster collaboration and celebrate the contributions of local businesses, such as Solar Gates UK, to the success of critical national infrastructure projects like HS2.

Over a hundred SOSEC and INSTABOOM barriers have been installed across the full length of the HS2 route, playing a crucial role in securing access points, establishing haul routes, and ensuring over-height hazard protection. These solar powered, mobile barriers are an essential component of daily operations for HS2.

As a result, the high-speed rail project connecting major cities across the United Kingdom has emerged as one of Solar Gates UK’s largest customers. This partnership not only underscores the Solar Gates UK’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions but also highlights its significant role supporting major infrastructure initiatives.

Christopher Long, Operations Director at Solar Gates UK, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to meet with Ms Lam and gain insights into the interaction between Government and thriving local businesses that play a crucial role in supporting projects of national importance.

“Collaborating with HS2 has been a tremendous opportunity for Solar Gates UK,” said Christopher Long. “We are excited about the opportunity to meet with the Ms Lam and share with her about how our business has contributed to national projects like HS2. It is a testament to the strength of innovative smaller companies and the collective commitment to drive economic growth.”

Solar Gates UK stands out among the many suppliers of HS2 not only for its cutting-edge vehicle access systems but also for its unparalleled social value strategy. The company’s ethos is grounded in providing second chances, fostering sustainability, and contributing positively to the community. The incorporation of on-site bee hives is just one example of their commitment to environmental responsibility, conservation, and biodiversity.

“At Solar Gates UK, we believe in making a difference beyond our business operations. Our unique social value strategy, which includes employment of people within the justice system and those recovering from addiction, sets us apart in the industry. We are proud to contribute not only to the success of projects like HS2 but also to the well-being of our communities and the environment,” added Christopher Long.

As Solar Gates UK continues to play a pivotal role in major infrastructure projects, the company remains dedicated to its core values of innovation, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.


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