Stamp it Out “Jarvis” app launches in Lincolnshire with Balfour Beatty

This week marked another milestone in the rollout of the Stamp it Out app as Lincolnshire Highways became the second local authority to adopt the system for the reporting of abuse and incursions at its inaugural “Boots on the Ground” event.

Taking place at the Balfour Beatty Living Places Depot in Sleaford the event brought together senior leaders from within the business and a number of key thinkers to understand how, as an industry we can minimise the risks from incursions and abuse.

Alongside Safer Highways interim Chief Operating officer and Project lead for Stamp it Out, Kevin Robinson, were Roger Poeth, Managing Director of HRS – manufacturers of Intellicone and Mark Frost of Carnell who have pioneered worksite safety with the SafetyCam vehicle.

Through the adoption of the Stamp it Out “Jarvis” app, Lincolnshire Highways have now become the second local authority to adopt the reporting tool, designed to allow at source reporting of incidents and to prioritise data capture to understand the issues our operatives face with regards to abuse.

The groundbreaking Stamp it Out app, designed to enable all those who work within the transportation sector to report abuse and incursions is now into a first phase deployment with Balfour Beatty with the A63 Castle Street contact being the first to adopt it, closely followed by Balfour Beatty Living Places in Southampton and then the M25 one community.

Based upon the hugely successful Notify IM platform, the app will be a first, as it will enable all front line operatives whom we put to work to report instances of abuse and incursions relatively quickly (45 seconds per report) and in real time.

Speaking about the launch event and the industry’s collective drive to eliminate abuse of those we put to work Mr Robinson said,

“Roadworker abuse has long been one of the blights on our industry. But until now we have never been able to ascertain the scale of the issue due to a lack of a centralised reporting system – Jarvis now changes the playing field in this respect.

“I am grateful to Balfour Beatty for effectively sponsoring the project and offering up notably Strategic Network sites but also their local authority contracts to allow us to hone the technology before we make this readily available to the whole industry, free of charge.”

“The development of the app has long been an ambition of Stamp it Out in order that we are able to level the playing field and effectively make the process of reporting one which is accessible to all.

“In its first iteration for MVP trials we will continue to use Notify Technology’s current Notify IM platform with modifications to ensure that what we deliver is fit for purpose; however, following on from this we will deliver the fully fledged app later next year, which will be accessible to all.”

As a part of the programme statistics released reveal that the levels of abuse which operatives on our network are far greater than expected with 50% of operatives revealing they have been subject to verbal abuse inside the last 7 days and a shocking 70% admitting they have been the victim of either verbal or physical abuse in the last calendar month.

Over the course of the coming 12 months the industry-led Stamp it Out programme have a number of key aims which will be released to the sector at a parliamentary conference in June 2023.


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