Start-up using parking data to help plan a smart city

The new CEO of an American parking company is aiming to use data on car park use to help plan smart cities.

Atlanta-based ParkMobile CEO Jeff Perkins is planning to make the company use its data to help cities manage mobility options, both in terms of parking and other transport. reports how parking data can be used help alleviate a city’s capacity problems by showing which areas are the most and least frequented by drivers, giving more insight into how to manage its curb space or parking car parks.

“Cities are going to be able to make much smarter choices,” Perkins is quoted as saying. “You’re going to see more cities trying different things — bike lanes, rideshare pickup.”

While ParkMobile is looking to start such a service in its home city, the concept of much greater analysis of parking data could be used by authorities anywhere.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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