Supply chain capacity at risk says Arcadis

The capacity in the supply chain is likely to be the biggest risk facing all sectors of the wider construction industry, according to consultant, Arcadis.

Arcadis has been looking at different scenarios to consider for the next few years and it says that in the future, strong relationships in the supply chain will be integral to continuing with work programmes, sorting through any backlogs that have occurred while also preparing for post coronavirus opportunities.

Arcadis says that its more optimistic scenario is that sectors will be periodically disrupted throughout the year despite the economy becoming more adept at managing the scale and severity of the lockdowns.

The pessimistic view assumes that disruption will continue in 2021 with significant ‘collateral damage’ to domestic and world-wide economies.

Simon Rawlinson, Head of Strategic Research at Arcadis said: “Plotting the potential course of this crisis is not easy. Our forecasts is based on realistic but positive scenarios but there are of course many potential outcomes.”

Mr Rawlinson said that workload looked likely to increase in infrastructure related to programmes such as HS2 but commercial spend could take longer to recover.


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