Sustrans Cymru welcomes new ‘sustainable’ approach to Welsh transport strategy

Sustrans Cymru has ‘warmly welcomed’ a new sustainable transport hierarchy in Wales.

This will help shape investments towards greener transport options by prioritising walking, cycling and public transport over car travel, said the organisation.

The Welsh Government published its new draft transport strategy this week, pledging a major reduction in carbon emissions from the transport network in Wales. The draft strategy, Llwybr Newydd – New Path, will shape Wales’ transport system over the next twenty years. It sets out a range of new ambitions to reshape transport in Wales.

Christine Boston, Director of Sustrans Cymru, said: “23% of people in Wales do not have access to a car. The current pandemic has placed enormous pressure on our public transport system with vital services coming under threat which creates a risk of further social exclusion.

“It’s very promising to see the Welsh Government’s draft strategy setting out a range of new ambitions to reshape transport in Wales and give people a real choice in the way they travel. The sustainable transport hierarchy means that active travel and public transport will be prioritised.

“This will help to give reliable, safe and green transport alternatives, making it a realistic option for people to leave their car at home. We now need to make sure that action meets the aspiration. We need to see the Welsh Government being brave and ambitious enough to deliver a better future with an investment that reflects the urgency of the crisis we are in.

Ms Boston added: “We will be responding to the consultation highlighting the need to see a commitment to the transport hierarchy delivered through the budget planning process. Working across departments and using all levers to deliver will be a crucial part of making this plan a reality.”


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