Highlights from our 2023 podcasts on the last Highways Voices of the year

Why would a highways and transport technology-focussed podcast have discussed dehumidifiers, fast fashion and taking a shop’s takings to Barclays? Because all, in their own way, can be used as examples of things that affect our industry, and you’ll find out why if you listen to this quick round-up of some of our content from […]

Road surface technology, tyres and vehicles as we talk Roads, Runways and Racetracks on this week’s Highways Voices

This week on highways voices, we focus on specialist testing of roads, runways and racetracks Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an episode! Dr David Woodward is Reader in Infrastructure Engineering at Ulster University and Senior Scientific Officer at R3, an independent testing consultancy service for Roads, Runways and […]

An update to the £70m traffic signals funding process on this week’s Highways Voices

Last month, the Transport Secretary Mark Harper announced £70 million of investment to deliver a raft of measures to make traffic signals more efficient, including the replacement of old equipment, a new “Green Light Fund” and new technology to better manage city centre traffic. This is being described as “the biggest investment in traffic signals in […]

Roads Minister Richard Holden and National Highways CEO Nick Harris on today’s Highways Voices

We hear from the Roads and Local Transport Minister and the CEO of National Highways on a busy Highways Voices from Highways UK 2023 today. These are brought to you thanks to the sponsorship of AGD Systems and Traffic Group Signals, Kiely Bros, Re-flow, Stantec and Yunex Traffic. In the podcast from Birmingham’s NEC, Richard Holden MP tells Paul Hutton about the National […]

Highways News gears up for daily podcasts during a busy week at Highways UK

The popular Highways Voices podcast series returns to the National Exhibition Centre this week with three special programmes from Highways UK. Thanks to the sponsorship of AGD Systems and Traffic Group Signals, Kiely Bros, Re-flow, Stantec and Yunex Traffic, the podcasts will be published around 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. They will feature contributions from speakers, exhibitors and […]

The ethics of driverless vehicles discussed with Nick Reed on Highways Voices

“People did not want self driving vehicles to protect the occupants more than other road users,” Professor Nick Reed explains on this week’s Highways Voices podcast as he discusses how to program driverless cars ethically. “The participants in our survey and workshops are quite clear that other road users have not necessarily chosen to be exposed […]

Podcast delayed by production issues – will be published tomorrow

In a rare moment of technical difficultly, the Highways Voices podcast production has been delayed and this week’s edition will not be published on Wednesday morning. The programme, featuring driverless cars expert Nick Reed, will now be uploaded on Thursday. Don’t miss it, it’s a good one!


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