National Highways suspends roadworks after abuse

National Highways has suspended barrier replacement work on the A1 in Bedfordshire because of “repeated abuse and threatening behaviour” to its workforce. On its project web page it states: “Safety is our top priority, both for road users and our workforce. We cannot continue working until we are confident that our workforce is safe and […]

Date announced for Stamp it Out summit at House of Lords

The date has been announced for this year’s high-level Stamp it Out breakfast summit around tackling roadworker abuse and incursions into worksites. Taking place on 27th June at the House of Lords, Westminster, and commencing at 8.30, the event will be invitation only and designed to empower business leaders to see the abuse of the […]

Stamp it Out “Jarvis” app launches in Lincolnshire with Balfour Beatty

This week marked another milestone in the rollout of the Stamp it Out app as Lincolnshire Highways became the second local authority to adopt the system for the reporting of abuse and incursions at its inaugural “Boots on the Ground” event. Taking place at the Balfour Beatty Living Places Depot in Sleaford the event brought […]

Member of public threatens roadworkers with axe

Frightening footage has emerged of a traffic management crew being threatened by a male member of the public with an axe. Believed to have taken place on the A36 between Beckington and Rode in Somerset the shocking video shows two traffic management operatives repeatedly threatened by the individual brandishing a dangerous weapon, reports Safer Highways. […]

Essex County Council asks: “Please respect our road workers”

Essex County Council is urging residents to respect itsroad workers as the summer holidays start. In 2020, the number incidents of abuse rose by 10%. This is despite the significant reduction in traffic flow as a result of COVID restrictions. With the school holidays now underway, you may see more roadworks taking place. This is […]

Highway maintenance worker’s foot run over by man in ‘heated’ argument

A heated argument in Kingsthorpe, Northampton ended in a highways maintenance worker’s foot being ran over by a car. The altercation took place on Friday, September 17 when a row occurred between the driver of a Mercedes and the maintenance worker between Welford Road and Harborough Road in the area. The worker was then driven […]

Kent County Council operatives verbally abused and worker struck by driver

More evidence has emerged of road workers being abused by members of the public this week. A group of Kent County Council operatives were verbally abused and a worker struck by a driver who drove above cones and signs, dragging them along the roads and causing workers to jump out the way as he drove […]

Staffordshire County Council gives it support to end road worker abuse

Staffordshire County Council along with highways partner Amey have revealed how last year in the county there were 764 incidents involving abuse of workers being reported. These included incidents where drivers either entered roadwork safety zones through cones, threw objects, spat at or verbally abused highways operatives. Now the local authority has branded the abuse […]


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