Cruise “offers $75,000” to resolve crash investigation in San Francisco

General Motors’ driverless subsidiary Cruise has offered to pay $75,000 (£59,000) to settle a dispute with the state over whether it misled regulators about the aftermath of crash involving one of its driverless cars. The San Francisco Standard reports that a document filed last Friday (5 January) seeking to defer an order on issues raised […]

Driverless cars in San Francisco “can’t be ticketed”

Driverless vehicles in the Californian city of San Francisco are being held to a different standard to human-driven cars, with police pointing out they aren’t allowed to cite the empty vehicles for moving violations. The website reports police don’t have the authority under California’s vehicle code to ticket the cars for speeding, running red […]

Cruise pauses all driverless rides in the US

General Motors’ driverless subsidiary, Cruise, has suspended all supervised and manual autonomous vehicle operations in the US. This follows suspension of rides in San Francisco following a collision with a pedestrian in the city last month. The person had been hit by a human-driven vehicle who then drove away before the collision with the driverless […]

Cruise told to reduce the number of driverless vehicles on the road in San Francisco

The General Motors-owned driverless taxi provider Cruise has been told to reduce the number or vehicles on San Francisco’s roads. The California Department of Motor Vehicles wants a maximum of 50 on the road during the day, and 150 overnight. That’s a halving of previous numbers. Driverless vehicles have been controversial in the city with […]

Passenger injured in driverless crash with fire engine in San Francisco

A driverless car operated by the GM subsidiary Cruise has crashed with a fire engine answering an emergency call, after driving through a green light while taking a passenger in San Francisco. The passenger was injured and taken to hospital, although Cruise says sustained what are believed to be “non-severe” injuries. It happened around 10pm […]

Cruise and Waymo To Charge Fares for Passenger Service in San Francisco

The California Public Utilities Commission is permitting driverless car developers Cruise and Waymo to conduct commercial passenger service using driverless vehicles in San Francisco. The approval includes the ability for both companies to charge fares for rides at any time of day. Prior to the approval, both companies operated in San Francisco and other areas […]

Saboteurs work out a way to stop driverless vehicles in San Francisco

A group of activists in San Francisco have begun stopping driverless cars from travelling around the city by putting traffic cones on the bonnets of cars. Pedestrian safety group Safe Street Rebel have posted a video of them stopping the vehicles in a simple way. They claim driverless taxis pose dangers and are pushing their […]

San Francisco Police chief backs fire counterpart’s driverless warning

The Chief of Police in the Californian City of San Francisco has backed the city’s fire chief in questioning the roll-out of driverless vehicles there. Last week Fire Officer Jeanine Nicholson called for the “pause button to be pushed” on driverless use because of evidence they were getting in the way of fire trucks by […]

San Francisco fire chief calls for “pause button” to be pushed on driverless cars

San Francisco’s fire chief has spoken of safety concerns around the growing number of driverless cars being trialled in the city, which have been delaying emergency vehicles. “I’m not anti-technology. What I am anti is getting in the way of public safety when we’re trying to do our jobs,” San Francisco Fire Department Chief Jeanine […]

Driverless car kills dog in San Francisco

A Waymo driverless vehicle has run over and killed a small dog in San Francisco in a collision that has been deemed “unavoidable”. In a report filed with California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, Waymo says that on the 21 May, a small dog ran out into the road in front of a vehicle while it […]


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