Campaigners use Super Bowl to target Tesla for second year in a row

Two TV adverts broadcast during the Super Bowl in the US on Sunday have targetted Tesla’s self-driving technology, urging viewers to boycott the company and claiming that its vehicles are unsafe. The website The Hill reports the Dawn Project’s ads follow a 2023 Super Bowl ad campaign that featured what it claimed was an Autopilot-driven […]

Musk says Chinese automakers could “demolish” rivals

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is warning Chinese automakers will “demolish” global rivals without trade barriers. US News reports that Mr Musk’s comments, made during an earnings call, “underscores the heat the US electric vehicle market leader faces from the likes of BYD (pictured), who are racing to expand worldwide.” The report adds he said the […]

Former Tesla employee alleges safety issues

Its reported a former Tesla employee is claiming the company’s self-driving vehicle technology is not safe enough to be used on public roads. The BBC has spoken to Lukasz Krupski, who leaked data including customer complaints about Tesla’s braking and self-driving software, to a German newspaper in the summer after claiming his attempts to highlight […]

Tesla delivering driverless software update to employees

Tesla has started releasing an update to vehicles driven by its employees which is understood to be a step towards achieving its self-driving goal. The website Electrek says the FSD v12 (Full Self Driving) software update is thought to mean vehicle controls are taken over by neural nets rather than being hardcoded by engineers. It […]

Musk predicts self-driving Teslas this year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has told a conference that he believes his company will upgrade its vehicles to fully self-driving in 2023. The London Evening Standard newspaper reports that he told the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai that Tesla was “closer to it than we ever have been”. “In terms of where Tesla is […]

Tesla starts rolling out new self-driving beta version

Tesla has finally started the broad rollout of Full Self-Driving Beta v11, a significant update that is Autopilto with the Full Self-Driving Beta software stack. The website Electrek reports the Tesla FSD Beta v11 is both an “exciting and scary step” as it is supposed to merge Tesla’s FSD and Autopilot highway stacks. FSD Beta […]

Campaign group buys Super Bowl ad slot to campaign against Tesla self-driving

An American safety campaign group has broadcast a public safety message during the hugely-watched Super Bowl TV coverage, outlining what it says are the critical safety defects of Tesla Full Self-Driving and the significant threat this software poses to road safety. The Super Bowl ad – which is reported to cost around $7 million (£5.8 […]

Mystery of fatal Tesla crash solved

Crash investigators in America have worked out what happened in a Tesla crash in Houston that looked like it could’ve taken place when no driver was at the wheel. In April 2021, Police there said they believed “no one was driving” the fully-electric 2019 Tesla when the accident happened. The report said there was a […]

Musk tweets Tesla’s full self-driving Beta version now available in North America

Tesla owner Elon Musk has announced that his company’s Full Self-Driving Beta software is now available to everyone in North America. Reuters reports that the announcement has been made as Tesla awaits regulatory approval for its cars to be driven without human oversight. “Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to anyone in North America […]

Musk not expecting Tesla driverless approval this year

Tesla’s advanced driver assistant software will not gain regulatory approval in 2022, Chief Executive Elon Musk has said, suggesting that the company is not yet able to satisfy authorities that its cars can be driven without someone behind the wheel. The website Automotive News reports that in a call to discuss quarterly results, Mr Musk […]


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