Tesla patents accurate GPS antenna

Tesla has applied to patent a new multi-band GPS antenna that it believes will be more precise for self-driving and navigation applications. The website Electrek has spotted the paperwork which defines the idea as a multi-band antenna system which can be placed under and embedded within a glass exterior surface of a vehicle. It says […]

Tesla “most trusted” by Americans to deliver driverless vehicles

A new survey suggests Tesla is rated the most trusted by consumers to deliver a driverless vehicle in the future. Automotive consultancy Auto Pacific’s research has found that, of those questioned, 32% of consumers rated Tesla most trusted, something it attributes to the “buzz” surrounding the carmaker’s driver assistance tech in which current Tesla owners […]

Tesla says autopilot requires “constant monitoring”

For many, the technology in Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance solution is a major step towards driverless vehicles, but the carmaker is reminding people that’s not the case. Reuters reports that while the company is defending the safety benefits of its advanced driver assistance system Autopilot and its Full Self-Driving capability, it does say they require […]

Tesla posts record profits

The electric car company Tesla has announced a record annual profit of More than $5.5 billion (£4.1 billion). The Daily Telegraph reports that a surge in demand for EVs has seen full-year profits over seven times higher with sales up 71% to $54 billion (£40 billion), both “shattering” Tesla’s previous records and making 2021 a […]

Dutch forensic lab decodes Tesla’s driving data

The Dutch government’s forensic lab says it’s decrypted electric carmaker Tesla closely-guarded driving data-storage system. Reuters says it’s exclusively found out that the lab has uncovered “a wealth of information that could be used to investigate serious accidents”. The agency reports it was already known that Tesla cars store data from accidents, but the Netherlands Forensic […]

Tesla investigated over emergency vehicle crashes

America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced an investigation into Tesla vehicles because of crashes with ambulances and fire engines with flashing lights on. It says it is looking into “Autopilot & First Responder Scenes” involving crashes with in-road or roadside first responders. It is looking into eleven crashes and fires and seven injury […]

Drunk driver “saved” by Tesla autopilot

A Tesla has pulled itself over to the side of the road and stopped safely after its technology realised its driver was slumped unconsciously over the wheel. vgtv.no has published the footage, captured on a mobile phone camera in Norway, showing the Model S applying the brakes and cruising to a stop. The report says […]

Tesla Model 3 the UK’s biggest selling car in June

The all-electric Tesla Model 3 has gone to number one in the chart for car sales in June, beating the VW Golf by more than 800 sales. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders says 5,468 Model 3s were sold last month, compared to 4,629n VW Golfs. Other top selling cars were the Ford Puma, […]

Musk promises to open up Tesla’s charging network to other EVs

The Tesla owner Elon Musk has tweeted that his company’s bespoke electric charging network will be opened up to other electric vehicles later this year. The billionaire was responding to a tweet which commented about Tesla deciding to create their own charging connector, which some say is unfair to other EVs. “How about no support […]


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