Tesla “most trusted” by Americans to deliver driverless vehicles

A new survey suggests Tesla is rated the most trusted by consumers to deliver a driverless vehicle in the future.

Automotive consultancy Auto Pacific’s research has found that, of those questioned, 32% of consumers rated Tesla most trusted, something it attributes to the “buzz” surrounding the carmaker’s driver assistance tech in which current Tesla owners are able to sign up as volunteers and help demo the Level 2 semi-autonomous hands-free capability for Tesla’s own R&D efforts.

Interestingly, despite not having a vehicle of its own on sale yet, 13% of consumers trust Apple to develop safe and reliable fully-autonomous vehicles. While it didn’t earn a spot in the top ten list above, 5% of consumers did pick Sony as a most-trusted brand.

Meanwhile 22% of younger American shoppers aged 30 to 39 want AVs as soon as possible followed by 14% of those aged 18 to 29. The eagerness begins to drop as the age brackets climb, with just 3% of polled consumers over 60 wanting it ASAP.

(Picture – Tesla)


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