Tesla patents accurate GPS antenna

Tesla has applied to patent a new multi-band GPS antenna that it believes will be more precise for self-driving and navigation applications.

The website Electrek has spotted the paperwork which defines the idea as a multi-band antenna system which can be placed under and embedded within a glass exterior surface of a vehicle.

It says in its claims, Tesla argues that the design can produce a more precise antenna, while reduce power demand, noise, and cost, and that the automaker also makes it clear that its GPS system wouldn’t be only used for navigation but also for self-driving applications:

“GNSS antenna systems can be useful for providing Global Positioning System (GPS) signals and/or other signals to vehicle systems for different functions involving accurate location information. For example, signals received from a GNSS antenna can be combined with data from other sensors (e.g., ultrasonic sensors and/or cameras) to plan a route to take a vehicle to a target location, such as summoning the vehicle to the owner or another person. GNSS antenna systems can also be useful for other features that involve precise or general location information such as navigation, autopilot and other self-driving features, searching for nearby gas stations, restaurants, or businesses. GNSS antenna systems can also be useful for relaying precise or general location information for relaying pertinent information regarding the region and local advertisements.”

(Picture – Tesla)


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