Core Highways Group invests £1m in portable traffic signal boost

Nationwide traffic management and associated highways services provider Core Highways Group, which boasts a 20-year partnership with mobile ITS provider SRL Traffic Systems, has invested more than a million pounds in 237 portable traffic light units to help facilitate the group’s growth and signal a renewed commitment to service. Consisting of Amberon, Forest Traffic Services, […]

Distributing the £70 million for traffic signals on this week’s Highways Voices

This week’s Highways Voices is a must-listen if you work in the traffic signals industry, as we hear all about three new pots of money totalling £70 million to be spent on improving traffic signals across England. Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts,Spotify,Amazon Music,Google PodcastsorPocket Castsand never miss an episode! In the Transport Secretary’s […]

TTF details £70 million signals funding process

The manager of the Transport Technology Forum, Darren Capes, has given details of how local authorities can claim a share of the £70 million earmarked to make traffic signals more efficient, which was announced by the Transport Secretary on Monday. In launching the Department for Transport’s Plan for Drivers, Mark Harper said there would be […]

£70m extra earmarked for signals upgrades, fine tuning and technology

The Government has announced a raft of measures to make traffic signals more efficient, including the replacement of old equipment, a new “Green Light Fund” and new technology to better manage city centre traffic. This is being described as “the biggest investment in traffic signals in decades”. The Department for Transport issued the Plan for […]

Harper promises people “transport choice”

The Transport Secretary has told the Conservative Party Conference he will “give people choice to make their lives easier and not to force them to travel in a certain way, or at a certain time,” as he announced a “comprehensive plan for drivers.” Mark Harper told the audience in Manchester that in the UK, the […]

Signal control best practice highlighted in Manual for Smart Streets

Local authorities are being given valuable advice on how to best design signal installations, with a detailed use case in the new Manual for Smart Streets. The Manual for Smart Streets or MfSS is an interactive web resource delivering guidance to ensure road authorities understand the issues around the development, specification, procurement, and use of […]

Traffic Group Signals enhances Active Channel Management

With the rise in radio usage for on-site communications, telemetry and automation, the frequencies in which temporary traffic signals operate are more congested than ever. Responding to the challenging radio environment at temporary traffic signal sites, Traffic Group Signals has further boosted the performance of its Active Channel Management (ACM) technology thanks to a series […]

Monotch promotes dynamic traffic light priority solution

The Dutch C-ITS platform developer Monotch is delivering a webinar to explain how to use latest technology to dynamically alter traffic signals for different road users. It points out many countries still use old-fashion ways to prioritise traffic or keep lights greener for longer (pre-emption), but by using a platform such as TLEX can make […]


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