The road to Net Zero at Highways UK, discussed on Highways Voices

We’ve had a welcome return to face-to-face events in this country over the autumn but nothing on the scale of Highways UK, so this week’s Highways Voices looks ahead to this major event at the NEC.

In the podcast, Paul Hutton and Adrian Tatum chat to Highways UK content director Paul Wheeler who tells them, ”All sorts of big thinking areas are the Main Theatre or what we call a big thinking stage, which is a very high level strategic insights – almost TED Talks for road sector.”

The two Highways News co-owners also talk to President of the Institution of Civil Engineers Rachel Skinner who’s leading a discussion on Getting Serious – Climate Action Towards Net Zero. “There won’t be a single rulebook, we won’t have all the answers,” she says.  “We just need to get on across each of the sectors, across each of those lifecycle stages and be confident that we’re all pulling in same direction to go as fast as we possibly can. Because this genuinely is urgent at the moment.”

“Roads are a big emitter surface transport is the single biggest carbon emitting sector in the country and road transport makes up the vast majority of that,” adds National Highways’ Executive Director, Strategy and Planning Elliot Shaw, “So it’s really imperative on those to drive the shift to net zero.”

The official podcast provider of Highways UK also brings you some of the top stories on the Highways News website, and why SRL wins this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”. Listen here.

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