Three quarters of people “don’t trust” AV tech, survey finds

A survey for the automotive data services provider Otonomo has found that 74% of people say they don’t trust automated vehicle technology, but that overall 38% of them would still be happy to ride in one.

The survey into consumer trust was carried out by leading global consultancy SBD Automotive and also found only one third of people want shared mobility envisioned in concepts like Mobility as a Service, and only 29% say they would share their own car.

Car manufacturers are trusted by two-thirds of drivers to look after data, but that trust falls to only one third when they are asked about third-parties having access.

“The findings in this survey reflect the wider consumer sentiment we’re seeing across SBD’s consumer survey practices, whereby half of consumers regularly drive just for the experiences it gives them, highlighting not only the importance of the car but the experiences you have when driving,” said Stephen Scales, Head of Consumer Insights at SBD Automotive. “It is clear that the OEMs that are not pushing to include the latest technology in their vehicles, and not giving their consumers the best experiences, are going to be left behind first by other manufacturers and eventually risk being left behind by the consumers as well.”

“Putting the driver first is in Otonomo’s DNA,” added Ben Volkow, Founder and CEO. ”We believe that for technologies to succeed they must meet the needs of consumers. Otonomo, the automakers, service providers and transportation facilitators need to listen to the interests and concerns of consumers. We hope that this survey provides additional consumer insights that will bring us closer to a future that includes richer driver experiences, more efficient fleet management, shared mobility and ultimately autonomous vehicles, all based on secure and privacy protected connected car data.”

You can read the full report here.


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