Transport Secretary says councils should consider removing LTNs when they become unpopular

Local authorities should think about considering scrapping LTNs where they become unpopular, says Transport Secretary Mark Harper.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Mr Harper said a large number of LTNs were introduced during the pandemic due to a lack of consultation and he said now was the time for local authorities to reflect on them.

Mr Harper said he had brought funding for projects which banned cars to an end, as they should not be about “making it difficult for motorists”.

Where LTNs have not been popular and have pitted cyclists against motorists, the transport secretary has suggested councils look at their schemes again.

He told the Telegraph: “For local authorities who have got schemes that weren’t popular, were very controversial and aren’t very well supported, then it would probably be wise for them to look at them again.”

In the interview, Mr Harper reveals he thought the LTNs have put people off cycling and walking and risk stirring up opposition to the broader aims of net zero.

He said: “One of the things that struck me with some of the way those schemes was delivered, is that they then set up a group of people that were opposed to cycling and walking.

“Setting up different groups of people against each other is a very unhelpful thing to do.”


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