TTF supports local authorities with beginners’ guide to EV charging roll-out

The Transport Technology Forum’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Charging Working Group, with the support of the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), has delivered a simple starter guide aimed at helping local authorities understand the challenges around delivering on-street charging networks for electric vehicles (EVs).

The eight-page document is designed to give authorities an idea of actions required to deliver EV chargers on the public highway.  The high-level guidance is written for people familiar with installing equipment on the roadside, but may not yet know what specific requirements they may have to consider for EV chargers.

It is not detailed guidance and is not intended to support detailed design and implementation of a scheme but does provide an overview of the main consideration to allow policy formulation and planning for future delivery.

The drafting of the guide was led by Shamala Evans-Gadgil, EV Programme/Project Manager at Coventry City Council who explained that it has been produced in response to requests from counterparts in other authorities who wanted a high-level introduction into what is an area of growing importance.  “This document is about empowering local authorities, especially those who haven’t started yet, to begin this journey and provide that initial kick-start document to help them build their EV network,” she said.  “This guide lists key deliverables and the stakeholders required and provides links to more detailed guidance and standards that should be referred to as an authority’s plans become more mature.”

The guidance helps readers understand the technology and identifies issues experienced by local authorities, assists in developing a strategy for delivery and formulation of policy decisions.

It is written to complement more comprehensive guidance to be published by the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles, OZEV, who have supported the production of this starter guide.

Download the guide here.

(Picture – TTF starter guide cover photo)


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