UK Power Networks launches ‘Game-changing’ roadworks tool

An automated roadworks planning tool is cutting connection times for customers, in a trial led by UK Power Networks.

The company successfully used 1Streetworks software in phase one of a trial to quote for and connect small power connections for customers. It reduced the hours surveyors spent on labour-intensive streetworks design plans from hours to just minutes, while maintaining high levels of safety, accuracy and meeting regulations.

The average time taken to connect new or altered power connections was reduced by a quarter across approximately 300 Surrey roadworks sites where 1Streetworks was used. The trial was so successful, the technology is now going to be rolled out on a larger Kent trial, testing if it can be used to benefit customers served by other workstreams across UK Power Networks.

1Streetworks has been developed by Cambridge headquartered 1Spatial plc, a global leader in Location Master Data Management (LMDM) software and solutions. A streetworks plan for a smaller power connection, overhead line or underground cable repair usually needs a surveyor to assess site, take measurements then plot signage on a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system. Now this can take minutes instead of hours. Designs can be produced on site, adhering to the ‘Red Book’ streetworks code of practice, enabling local highway authorities to approve traffic management permits quickly, with fewer modifications.

Once the user plots the location of the work on a map, the software instantaneously plans site-specific traffic management, integrating layers of maps with main roads, bus stops, lane rental and streetworks rules.

Paul Dooley, streetworks performance manager at UK Power Networks, said: “Planning streetworks to the high standards we expect takes time and few have tried to revolutionise the process during my 23 years in the sector. So, I’m excited about the potential of 1Streetworks to streamline complex traffic management plans, enable better communication with customers and highway authorities and improve the speed and accuracy of streetworks plans.

“We are exploring how 1Streetworks can enable effective collaboration with interested parties, reduce delivery times and provide unprecedented levels of consistency, repeatability, speed and efficiency.”

Claire Milverton, CEO of 1Spatial, added, “We are delighted that our innovative 1Streetworks application has delivered such fantastic results for UK Power Networks and its customers. We look forward to working with Paul and the team to roll out the software further across the network over the coming months.”

UK Power Networks has 190,000km of cables and delivers thousands of streetworks every year across London, the South East and East of England, to maintain safe and reliable power supplies to 19 million people.

During the first trial in Surrey, surveyors welcomed being able to show customers what the traffic management would look like and explain the costs, while they were still together on site.

The trials have been funded by the Surrey and Kent lane rental funds.

Matthew Jezzard, traffic manager at Surrey County Council said: “We’re delighted that Surrey’s Lane Rental surplus funds have been able to support the deployment of 1Streetworks in this UK Power Networks’ trial resulting in swifter, ‘right first time’ Traffic Management proposals for works.

“The demo provided for the system was one of the most impressive I’ve seen for many years, prompting an almost immediate “where do we sign” response from our Lane Rental Governance Board! We look forward to working with both 1Streetworks and UK Power Networks to further expand trials and the future development of a system which we feel has great potential for a wider scope, creating further benefits to customers, all works promoters and Highway Authorities.”

Not all roadworks jobs can be planned using 1Streetworks, but the system could enable streetworks surveyors to concentrate on more complex jobs, such as streetworks near roundabouts.


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