Valerann delivers multi-data traffic management and safety solution in Costa Rica

British data analytics company Valerann has successfully delivered a second fully-remote deployment of its Lanternn by Valerann™ Advanced Traffic Management product in Central America, enabling traffic to flow better and the road to become safer.

As part of an integrated new generation of end-to-end solutions for road operators, its software is being used on one of Costa Rica’s most popular arteries between the capital San Jose and major seaport of Caldera.  The 77km (49 mile) Ruta 27 carries around 100,000 vehicles a day on a road with unusually varied topology, including mountains and valleys and subject to thick fog and tropical rainstorms.

Traffic controllers on the road are now getting real-time traffic analysis through the use of the Lanternn by Valerann™ AI-driven proprietary data fusion engine.  This engine fuses data from multiple sources, and uses proprietary AI and computer vision algorithms to provide bespoke insights which allow controllers to better manage the traffic.  The Costa Rica deployment integrated 49 cameras, six Variable Message Signs, three weather stations, nine toll plazas and service vehicles, made up of patrol cars, an ambulance and tow trucks.

The software’s insights increase accuracy in incident detection, and reduces the time taken for incidence response.  It can even predict where road collisions are more likely to take place before they happen, allowing warning signs to be set and emergency services to head to an area, just in case.

With this deployment, Ruta 27 sholud be able to increase road safety and significantly reduce road incidence response time. As one of 3,000 ‘Waze for Cities’ partners, Ruta 27 contributes to the Waze global programme, designed to reduce traffic and journey times, make communities safer, and to promote more efficient traffic monitoring.  The road is an ““exemplar of excellence” and a testbed for innovation for Costa Rica and the region.

Ran Katzir, Chief Technology Officer at Valerann called the deployment “Another step in our mission to improve road safety and operations performance all around the world.”

(Picture – Valerann)


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