Valerann teams up with Openvia Mobility to deliver asset and traffic management solution

Openvia, the technology division of a global roadway operator Globalvia, has announced it is working with ITS provider Valerann to deliver a new advanced technology services platform for road traffic and asset management operations.

The companies say this new offering offers road operators support in addressing their short- and long-term operational challenges, and that by exploiting the synergy between the companies’ flagship products, it “elevates road operators’ assets maintenance and operations management to new heights”.

The integration of Lanternn by Valerann™ with Geomic by Openvia expands Geomic functional capabilities resulting in delivery of comprehensive overview of road operations. By taking operational data from Geomic and incorporating all available roadway disparate data sources, they say the joint solution simplifies and accelerates the delivery of highly relevant insights to the operations managers.

The companies use advanced proprietary algorithms based on AI/ML and computer vision, which they say results in best-in-class data fusion including precise events cross-validation and prioritisation for immediate and future road operations improvements such as road traffic optimisation, carbon emissions reduction, recovery services planning and accurate risk prediction. They say the analytics and insights help improve road operations performance, increase accuracy in incidents detection, reduce incidence response time and increase road safety and as a result, road operators can improve their immediate operational KPIs and strategic planning through timely data-driven, informative and actional decisions.

Valerann and Openvia have successfully completed deployments of this new platform on the AP-53 roadway in Galicia, Spain, exploring application of deep data analysis for road assets management. This pilot delivered key results, including improved situational awareness and increased responsiveness to road safety critical events. Seamlessly integrating with existing ITS systems, the joint solution extended road coverage from 55% to 100%, eliminating blind spots and providing a comprehensive overview of the entire road. This enabled an 89% increase in road events detection and 25% time reduction in critical event detection. Following the success of this deployment, Globalvia plans to expand this offer to other concessions in their portfolio.

Gabriel Jacobson, CEO and Co-Founder of Valerann commented: “This commercial partnership is an important step for the company in its continuous evolution, representing our innovative forward-thinking approach to the future of the ITS industry.”

Fernando Vallejo, Innovation and Systems Director of Globalvia and Managing Director of Openvia added: ”We believe that Openvia & Valerann together are capable of transforming roads operations through detecting and validating traffic events in real-time and providing invaluable insights for actionable data-driven decisions leading to increased operations efficiency. This is a game changer for the ITS industry”.

(Picture – Valerann)


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