Video released of driverless ride in San Francisco

A newspaper in San Francisco has released a video of a journalist taking a Cruise self-driving taxis.

The General Motors driverless car subsidiary is currently seeking final approval from Californian authorities to begin commercialising its driverless taxi fleet in the city.

“Our ride was frequently hilarious, often slow-paced and ultimately quite mundane,” the San Francisco Standard’s comments say on its YouTube page. “There were some bumps in the road, but we had a great time”.

The video shows the reporter interacting with the vehicle before getting into it, the car struggling to cope with a delivery vehicle in front of it, and then driving “like a student”.

“Initial impressions from the drive,” the reporter says, “It got us here in one piece which I have to say I’m thankful for, but to be in that experience to kind of see this technology at work. It’s hard to say there’s anything cooler than that.”

Watch the trip on the San Francisco Standard’s YouTube channel below:

(Picture – San Francisco Standard YouTube)


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