Virgin Hyperloop shows how it plans to change transport

The Virgin Hyperloop project has published a video showing how it aims to transport people at 670 miles per hour “comfortably, safely and quietly”.

The company’s video says that its pods travelling in a near-vacuum environment will eliminate aerodynamic drag, with its proprietary magnetic levitation solution making it ten times more efficient that the world’s fastest maglev trains.

It explains how Hyperloop supports on demand service by having pods travel separately in convoys, which allows for individual pods to have different destinations. “Just like a car taking an off ramp pods can split off while the rest of the convoy continues on the absence of moving parts on the track,” the video explains, “and the advantage of levitation and guidance on top of the pod allows for high speed switching and convoy to take place seamlessly.”

Although a target date for commercial operations is not specified, Reuters has previously mentioned 2027 as a potential date.

(Picture – Virgin Hyperloop YouTube)


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