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On Tuesday the 5th of September line marking and surface repair specialists Meon hosted their first ‘OnTour Experience Event’.

This follows Meon’s successful maiden voyage of the brand new OnTour trailer at this year’s LCRIG Innovations Festival, where they had the chance to show off the latest innovations and share skills and knowledge through live demonstrations and training.

The trailer has been designed as a mobile exhibition unit allowing Meon to bring their resources, cutting-edge innovative technology and real-life demonstration to you.

Meon’s OnTour Experience provides a day full of knowledge exchange, an insight into Meon’s innovative solutions and the opportunity for hands-on demonstrations. Meon’s customers can now benefit from their very own Meon experience, right on their doorstep.

Meon have a number of specialist line marking and surface repair advisors to teach, share and demonstrate their huge innovative range of line marking and surface repair solutions, uniquely developed to deliver the greatest surfaces in the most effective, eco-friendly and economical way possible.

Meon’s OnTour experience starts with an introduction to the Meon team, allowing discussion to better understand your pain points and future requirements.

Their campaign ‘Project Highways Zero’ is the focus point of a CPD style presentation, explaining how the campaign proactively supports industry objectives of Safer Highways, Right First-Time approach and The Road Map to Carbon Neutrality.

Following a tasty lunch provided to all personnel attending the OnTour Experience, Meon provide live demonstrations of their complete ironworks system, crack and joint repairs, quick-fix line marking, highway marking and other line marking equipment, led by their specialist product advisor & demonstration team.

The day ends with a debrief and the creation of a structured joint action plan tailored around the 3 principles of Project Highways Zero, with the ambition for continued development of skill sets, services and sustainable business growth.

Russell Smallridge, Head of Decarbonisation Strategy at Meon, expressed his enthusiasm about the Inaugural event. He said: “Bringing the OnTour Experience to our customers is a fantastic opportunity, and the day was a great success.

The delegates where incredibly engaging and very willing to get involved during demonstrations, making the most of the opportunity to ask questions. “

He also added: “Having the new trailer really sets a clear focus point for the day and allows us to bring supporting materials to aid with our teachings, which benefits everyone involved.

The day provides a great opportunity to learn how the industry is changing and how as a group we can implement practical solutions that are more economical and sustainable. That is really the goal for Meon, to not only deliver great surfaces but to ensure the future for the industry is Safe, Smart & Sustainable.”

This proactive approach to educating and providing a great amount to value to their customers is not new for Meon, with their huge emphasis on quality customer experience.

For some time now Meon have been offering their customers a ‘VIP Experience’ at their HQ in Portsmouth, inviting you in to their facility, hosting you for the day and giving you an opportunity to sit down with members of each department relevant to your business, building a real relationship with the company and its team.  

Additionally, Meon recently launched the industry first ‘Virtual Experience Centre’, featuring a showroom style experience of all their products and key information, easily accessible from a live project site or the comfort of your own home.

Sarah Kircher, Head of Customer Experience at Meon added, We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience at every touch point with our customers, by regularly reviewing our customer journey and asking for customer feedback, to ensure we continue to deliver on our customer expectations.

“We look to upskill our team so we have the knowledge to support with technical advice when needed and also look to provide technical information at a touch of a button, by including data sheets on our website product pages that can easily be downloaded.

I” am always keen to speak to customers directly if they have any personal requests. Therefore, please do get in touch if you feel we could implement something to help you.”


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