Will electronic warnings improve road safety for motorcyclists?

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems)that warn a motorcyclist of an upcoming danger only work if the rider is interpreting the warning correctly and reacts accordingly. So far however, there is little knowledge about how long a rider reaction towards a warning takes. Additionally, the question arises whether reactions from the passenger car domain can be applied to powered two-wheelers, says the British Motorcyclists Federation.

Two whitepapers describe two dynamic motorcycle riding simulator studies by the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC), which investigated motorcycle riders’ reaction times towards different types of warnings. Such knowledge can bridge the gap between results from the accidentology side to the use case and test case specific strategies. The latter focus on the decision on how an application’s display/ alert principle should be designed (e.g., advisory notification, crash warning, active intervention).

To read access the reports click HERE and scroll down.

(Pic – Askoldsb/Dreamstime)


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