Yunex Traffic enters US EV charging infrastructure market

Global ITS company Yunex Traffic is officially launching into the American electric vehicle charging infrastructure market with the installation of charging stations in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

It says it brings a wealth of experience to the US having carried out EVCI design, installation, and maintenance work across the UK and Europe for more than a decade.

The new EV chargers, located in the Peachtree Corners will serve a busy social area filled with restaurants, a cinema and other shops. Peachtree Corners’ goal was to replace several existing charging stations with the newer technology and ensure smooth and seamless operations. The city selected Yunex Traffic to design, install and maintain the Siemens Smart Infrastructure EV charging stations because of the two companies’ close alignment and best in service offering.

“Our  experience in providing EV charging infrastructure for clients in Europe has provided us the capabilities to move into this market successfully. While standards may differ, the principles are the same,” said Jon Ringler, Yunex Traffic’s Vice President of Sales. “We provide a turnkey solution, perfect for any agency or private sector business that wants to provide EV facilities for drivers.”

For this project, the Siemens VersiCharge AC Level 2 EV Chargers, providing 11.5 kW on a 48A circuit, were selected and are compatible with the most common electric vehicles on the market today. These chargers are intended for use at retail shopping centres, and are currently being provided to the public, free of charge, by Peachtree Corners. The company says the hardware agnostic experience that Yunex Traffic brings helped provide a seamless approach to the installation work on top of design and engineering services, in addition the company will maintain the new chargers moving forward.

Through selecting Yunex Traffic, Peachtree Corners was able to flexibly select the services they needed for the delivery of the EVCI, from initial consultation and design through to the installation and engineering through to provision of the hardware warranty service. In the future, this could be expanded to include maintenance of the charging infrastructure which would include both proactive and reactive maintenance to ensure maximum availability of the chargers for the end users.

“With its experience and insight in managing EVCI projects of both small and complex scopes, Yunex Traffic ensures interoperability to 3rd party software companies by selecting chargers compatible with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) allowing different the charging infrastructure including manage payment transactions,” the Company concludes in a statement.

(Picture – Yunex Traffic)


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