2,500 female employees receive personalised women’s health support provided by Kier and Peppy,

2,500 female colleagues at Kier will benefit from personalised women’s health support, as the Group expands its service offering with digital health app, Peppy.

Kier offers health and wellbeing support from Peppy to all its employees. In July 2022, the service launched with offerings for men’s health, fertility, baby and menopause while the women’s health pillar was developed and this enhanced service will provide further support to women at Kier. 

This latest initiative will enhance the services provided to female employees at Kier, who will now benefit from personalised and holistic physical and mental health support, delivered by the Peppy app’s dedicated experts.

Providing guidance and help

The Peppy women’s health app connects Kier’s people to expert women’s health nurses, offering practical guidance and emotional support that is easy to access, personalised and confidential.

The service is for women, those who identify as female, were assigned female at birth, have female biological and physiological anatomy, or who have an interest in female health conditions and wellbeing.

Wide ranging topics

Peppy Women’s Health covers: the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); gynaecological health; body image issues; miscarriage and baby loss; depression, anxiety and stress; contraception; nutrition and exercise; and optimising sleep. It also includes access to health courses, and regular educational events.

Caroline Forsyth, group rewards director, Kier, says: “Our introduction of the Peppy app in the Summer proved hugely successful, offering real and tangible health and wellbeing support to all our employees. We added the Women’s health pillar as soon as Peppy made it available, ensuring now we have services specifically for women’s health. Life has its challenges, often unexpected and, at Kier, we put our people first. The Peppy app supports them when they need it most.

“The Peppy app supports a number of our key people pillars, including wellbeing, and talent attraction and retention. It delivers high-quality, highly accessible health support across and including race and ethnicity, sex and gender equality, LGBTQ+, female and family friendly, and generational diversity.”

Francesca Steyn, director of fertility and women’s health, Peppy, says: “We are delighted that Kier has been so pleased with the Peppy service, that they have decided to add Women’s Health to their support offering. With fertility, baby, menopause and men’s health already covered by the services they implemented from Peppy in the summer, it is very forward-thinking to have added women’s health on top of this. Kier is offering a really comprehensive health and wellbeing support programme and one which is highly valued by its people.”

Natalie Geraghty, head of communications for Kier Highways has used the Peppy app for specific treatment, Natalie says: “Having suffered with endometriosis symptoms since my early teens, I was finally diagnosed with the condition last year via laparoscopy. How this has affected my fertility is a big concern to me, especially as I don’t yet have children of my own and I am 37.

“The introduction of the Peppy app has been invaluable to me. I have been able to speak to a fertility and women’s health practitioner instantly via the private chat function. I was able to discuss my experience and concerns on the chat when convenient to me and then follow up with an appointment if I felt it was necessary.

“Having an employer that recognises the need to support its employees like this is fantastic.”


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